Your Best Bitcoin Wallet Charity Guide

With the best bitcoin wallet, you can now donate to charities around the world at the click of a button. You can stay anonymous, or show your name. It’s all in the blockchain. In this article, we discuss just how you can lend a helping hand to those in need with the ease of your bitcoin money.

Oh, and donating funds to charity is often tax deductible. You literally get your money back, and help organizations that you support!

Charities that Accept Bitcoin Wallet Funds

Since we want to save money in our best bitcoin wallet, let’s go over a few IRS 501(c)(3) public charities which accept BTC. The reason these are so fantastic is because they’re eligible to receive tax deductible contributions.

One of these organizations is Against Malaria Foundation. Their websites allows you to donate with Bitcoin with a $100,000 daily limit. That’s incredible for a charity to be so progressive with technology. Not only that, but the charity offers a huge emphasis on transparency. Indeed, many charities may not be so honest – funds can be allocated in marketing and barely go towards helping anyone. But with transparent charities, donations received all link to a specific distribution! Furthermore, BTC will allow the world to see what exactly the funds are going towards at what time. We just need a larger network in cryptocurrency. Every month, the donators all get regular updates.

From your Bitcoin Wallet to Charity
From your Bitcoin Wallet to Charity

And guess what – this charity is not alone. There are dozens of charities around the world who offer the ability to donate with Bitcoin, as well as show what worthwhile causes each donation is going towards. That’s the power of your bitcoin wallet, which offers high amounts of data access and public knowledge.

Bitcoin Wallet offers Transparency with Charities

We need to create transparent charities with the Bitcoin blockchain technology
We need to create transparent charities with the Bitcoin blockchain technology

As Bitcoin geeks know, every single transaction made with Bitcoin is permanently stored on a publicly accessible data structure known as the blockchain. Every digital currency cryptocurrency has this, and it’s basically a piece of data that links to the next piece of data, which contains information regarding all the transactions made in the timeframe between the two blocks.

This of course, relates to just how easy it is to track where payments are going. It’s impossible for organizations to allocate funds wrongly as the blockchain becomes a greater factor in general day to day life. Banks will begin to use it, and many organizations who want to show transparency will start to use the blockchain for the best bitcoin wallet as a huge selling point. As well, people will start to trust these organizations more as they offer a huge advantage to the competitors who do not offer the same level of openness with money related questions.

Non-Charity Organizations worth Donating to

There are plenty of organizations who do not do work regarding Bitcoin or charity, but run very useful services for the web. Among these, is Their team indexes a huge amount of websites. Everyone can easily check a website’s past history before any deal is made. It truly is a game changer for the web.

If you want to donate, make sure to use the best Bitcoin wallet as they offer the greatest amount of security and convenience for the end user. It’s vital to keep track of your coins, especially in this new technology age.

Be Careful of Fake Bitcoin Charities

Fake charities have popped up in the bitcoin wallet community
Fake charities have popped up in the bitcoin wallet community

Since digital currency is in its infancy, there are many people out there who are clever enough to take advantage of the gullible nature of humans. Indeed, charities which are not properly distributing funds or are simply unreal exist in our industry. And, people have gotten baited by such operations. There have been countless numbers of operations which people have been duped, and lost their Bitcoin. It’s vital to keep an open mind, and a skeptical heart to any kind of benefit to you – financial or emotional.

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Ethereum Wallet giving to Charity

Digital Currency just got safer, simpler and your Smartphone is the key!
Charities have reason to rejoice. Now, as the Ethereum Wallet is now available for more than just rich desktop users. You can now get three flavors that handle most of the electronic currency in use today. However, desktop users have the lion’s share of the Bitcoin and Ethereum market today. That makes them the “Big Cheese” when it comes to E-Currency since there are more desktop wallets than any of the other options out there. Now people in less fortunate economies can get in Bitcoin and Ethereum as well.

Millions of Ethereum wallet owners donate their coins to people in kenya.
Millions of Ethereum wallet owners donate their coins to people in kenya.

In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years, a wallet an app that resides on your Smartphone, desktop, and the cloud that acts as your vault, banker, and disbursing clerk, all rolled up into one.

It can exchange with the different virtual currencies and convert yours seamlessly between them as the need arises.

But what makes a good Ethereum Wallet on a budget?

Many people have given that a great deal of thought and the short answer is that the Wallet must:

  1. Run on any platform
  2. Run under any OS
  3. Be secure
  4. Be accessible via the web
  5. Convert between the Ether and various E-currencies out there in current usage
  6. Be immune from government tampering, observation, and confiscation
  7. Be highly accessible from anywhere – even Kenya

In the next few sections, you see that it fits this model very nicely.

No Smartphone Needed

You don’t even need a Smartphone to get things rolling – that is, if you already own a desktop computer.

In fact, you don’t need even that as…

Ethereum is also online.
This is the website that can make it all happen.

You can then sign up and have yours in just a few moments be able to get Ether for your wallet from a site like.

Once that is all done you then can transfer to from your online Wallet to your Smartphone’s or set up to pay for things via the net.

However, let’s face it this is the age of mobile computing with Social Media changing the business landscape. Many today don’t carry credit cards.

In Asia, the Smartphone has replaced the credit card, wallet, and cash is becoming obsolete used by a few who don’t understand the technology.

Even vending machines take electronic payment and now you can take advantage of this as well by downloading a Wallet for your Smartphone. All it takes is Google play/iTunes if you are an Android or Apple user. You can find out more with.

Now that we’ve told you, what eth wallets are doing but you might still be scratching your head as to what Ethereum is…
Well, that can be cleared up for you today.

February 29, 2016, Ethereum/Homestead was released to the public. Later it was forked out during the month of March. Since then this Blockchain contract software has been gathering momentum. You now have a platform for Cryptocurrency that goes beyond the limitations of Bitcoin and the other e-Currencies out there.

The bottom line is you have a better way to make purchases (fulfill contracts) than ever before. What’s more, governments cannot get at your money as well.

That makes an ethereum wallet more secure than a Swiss Bank Account as the US and other governments got broad powers to look at the Swiss bankbooks in an attempt to stop currency flight in the aftermath of what happened in Cypress a while back.–finance.html

You can read up on the exact mechanism by which the Ethereum system works by clicking here if you are interested.

The ethereum wallet opens up unlimited possibilities for you and your money
You now have a secure way to move your Cryptocurrency about, exchange it, and buy things that you want or need. The various governments are none too happy with this as they stand to lose tax revenues. This is because people can now move their money via their Smartphone about at will. All without the burden of the American banking hierarchy and currency monitoring imposed by Patriot Act I & II. This means your money may be more secure than in a regular bank, as after November 16, 2014, the G20 summit changed all the rules without any fanfare or explanation to depositors.

Vitalik Buterin is securing Ethereum's code.
Vitalik Buterin is securing Ethereum’s code.

The interesting the deal was inked in Brisbane Australia and the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) was signed in New Zealand well out of sight of the American Public and most Americans are still unaware of the ramifications of their money and savings.

Your Wallet lets you take charge of your money and you decide in what form it takes. Using the latest Cryptocurrency, called the Ether. Ether can be converted to any of the other forms of electronic currency in use today.

So, now you have security, safety, and the ability to move your money about it will and exchange it with the other Cryptocurrencies in use today.

All in all, this is a win in anyone’s playbook, especially yours.

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